To create a video - sale template

  • On your dashboard, click on menu ‘Videos’, and on ‘Create Video’ button 

Step 1 - Video: 

  • Select a ‘Video Source’ (YouTube or Vimeo or MP4) 

  • And Enter a video URL. Then click on ‘Next’ 

Step 2 - Settings: 

  • Enter a ‘Title’, a ‘Description’, a ‘Tags’ (optional), a ‘Retargeting’ code (optional) and the number of product

  • Then click on ‘Next’

Step 3 - Products: 

  • Enter a ‘Title’, a ‘Description’ , a ‘Price’, a ‘Link’, and an ‘Image’ of the products 

  • Then click on ‘Next’

Step 4 - Customize: 

  • Player - Select the “Color”, the ‘Control Bar’, if you want to ‘Autoplay’ the video and the ‘Thumbnail

  • Product - Select the ‘Title Size’, the ‘Title Color’ , the ‘Price Size’, the ‘Price Color’, the ‘CTA Size’, the ‘CTA Text’, the ‘CTA Color’, and the ‘Button Color’.

  • Sharing - Select if you want or not add ‘Social Sharing’ button on the video

  • Brand - Select if you want or not add ‘brand’ logo on the video and click on ‘Submit

Please see video below for sample: