To create campaign 

  • On your dashboard, click on ‘Campaigns’ menu
  • Then click on 'New Campaign' (e.g: Facebook).

Step 1 - Settings 

  • Name: Enter the name of your campaign 
  • Offer URL: Enter the link of the offer to promote (Clickbank offer, CPA offer or others)
  • Exit Traffic Control: Select YES to control exit traffic
  • Retargeting: Add tracking code to retarget visitor. 
  • Social Share Button: Select YES to show social sharing button on 'Rejackr' page
  • Then click on 'NEXT' button

Step 2 - Header 

  • Header Text: Enter a CTA text here (e.g: Wait... We Think This Can Help You!)
  • Header Text Color: Choose a color for the CTA text

  • Header Text Size: Choose the CTA text size 

  • Header Text Weight: Choose the CTA text weight

  • Enable Text Shadow: Select YES to show a shadow for the CTA text

  • Header Background: Choose the color of your background

  • Header Background Image:  Choose the image of your background (optional)

  • Then click on 'NEXT' button

Step 3 - Header 

  • Skip Button Text: Enter the text of the skip button
  • Show Skip Button After: Select the time before redirection 
  • Auto Redirection: Select YES if for auto redirection
  • Timer Font Size: Choose the Skip Button Text size 
  • Timer Font Color: Choose the Skip Button Text color
  • Then click on 'SAVE' button

Please see video below for sample: