To add a WordPress website 

Step 1: Install the plugin 'Jetpack' (You must have a account)

  • Inside, click on 'Plugins' and on 'Add New'.   
  • Type the name 'Jetpack' on the 'search field'. 
  • Then click on 'Install' and on 'Activate
  • Now click on 'Setup Jetpack'. You'll be redirect on
  • Click on the button 'Approve', and select 'Free Plan' in the next plan.

Step 2: Connect your WordPress blog 

  • On your dashboard, click on ‘Websites’ menu
  • Then click on 'WordPress' tab and on 'Add New Website' (e.g: Facebook).
  • In the modal enter an 'Website Name' and click on 'Connect'     

Please see video below for sample: